Amor Doll is the new and exquisite label of 6Ye Premium. The aim of creating this new label is to bring you a new experience with the unique and exotic doll body designs. Amour Dolls are different from other usual TPE dolls, the pussy location is perfectly placed so that you can drive your tool home from behind with great enjoyment.

  This extraordinarily elegant, slender 168cm E-cup Realistic Breasts Sex Doll Body has the most sexy thick lower body! She is a perfect sex doll for those who are into perky boobs lady but prefer slender waist with manageable weight. The body of this fat ass lady is perfectly tight and athletic, and looks gorgeous with any of our full-size heads (compatible with all the 6Ye Premium /Amor doll heads) ! Her thick lower body looks damn sexy with meaty ass and thighs. Do you want her to wrap her thick legs around you and enter heaven together?  

  To our customers: Please note that if you suspect that our resellers are selling fake 6ye dolls or substandard dolls, please report to us immediately at

  To our resellers:  If we find any sellers selling fake dolls or substandard dolls sourced not from us but from mainland China black market, we will immediately disqualify them from the franchise and inform our customers


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