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Dongguan 6ye Electronics Technology  Co.,Ltd (Chinese name is:Liuye/old name was: 6YEdoll)is a professional manufacturer of sex doll factory in China, our factory is specialized in produce various physical dolls models,our real sex doll items are known with premium quality ,affordable price and wide range of selections .ODM and OEM services are also available.  

The 6YE D0LL advantagement is : 

1) The material used imported medical research grade TPE polymer non-toxic silicone rubber(internationally known as virtual skin). 

2) The appearance is realistic, soft and elastic, and the feel and texture are closer to real human-being; 

3) The interior is assembled from stainless steel metal bones ( ball-joint internal skeleton), Universal spherical joints, fiberglass accessories and various mechanical parts ,so the limbs are very flexible 

4) with the correct vagina/anal placement,then you can easily accessible from behind from the dolls.

5) can make shrug should ,put the hard wrists on the hands and feet to do this hold doggy positions;changed according to personal preferences, makeup, hairstyle,Growing tongue, etc.

6) with new design per month;Flexible order system, perfect for delivery to every retailer 

The whole team are hard-working and will try our best to provide best service to any of our customers for their satisfaction in every respect. All goods ordered will be shipped as early as possible with sound quality.



International Market : Kevin Mobile:+86 15578697665 Email:6yelectronics@gmail.com

Chinese Market : Ms Xiao Mobile:+86 13728382400 Email:1499016809@6yedoll.net

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