To our customers: Please note that if you suspect that our resellers are selling fake 6ye dolls or substandard dolls, please report to us immediately at 6yelectronics@gmail.com

To our resellers:  If we find any sellers selling fake dolls or substandard dolls sourced not from us but from mainland China black market, we will immediately disqualify them from the franchise and inform our customers

Buy from here - the alibaba 6Ye Doll Online store:360截图20200901112835385.jpg


There are websites, as well as sellers on AliExpress, Alibaba taking our pictures and post on their sites. Some of them even use our name - 6ye doll, register a website or store. We announce that those sites are NOT our authorised sellers you are risking your money to purchase a fake doll! The high quality, good reviews of our dolls, can only be found from the list of sellers below!

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